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Aerosmith's first Apartment in Boston

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Aerosmith took a 3rd floor flat at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue when they first came to Boston to make it big in the rock-n-roll world. This is a two minute video of that building at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue, the front door and surrounding area. I recorded it in November 2006 with a cheap digital camera but...you'll get the point.

Movin Out was the first song written by the Joe Perry and Steven Tyler duo and heard on Aerosmith's self titled debut Album (and most underrated record) released in 1973. This Lyrical saga actually tells the story of why they needed to move out of their first apartment in Boston at "1325 commonwealth Ave"

The first verse of Movin Out lyrics and a listing of Aerosmith album tracks follow the video clip.

Movin Out lyrics, first verse

Ha ha ha ha...yea
We all live on the edge of town
Where we all live ain't a soul around
People start a' comin' all we do is just a' grin
Said we gotta move it out 'cause the city's movin' in
I said we gotta move it out 'cause the city's movin' in

Joe Perry's gear, guitars and equipment
A Steve Rosen Interview

Aerosmith album tracks

Make It
Dream On
One Way Street
Mama Kin
Write Me
Movin' Out(of 1325 Commonwealth Avenue)
Walkin' the Dog

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