Has your favorite classic rock
group earned legend status?

Only the best Classic rock bands and artists have earned legend status and qualify for inclusion on this site. Opinions vary and I can not possibly include all the classic rock music scene on this one site. So....I have thought about it and provide the following unweighted criteria as a guideline to determine if a group or artist merits legend status and inclusion here.

This is only a guideline. All determinations are, after all, subjective and in the end are an educated guess. There are always exceptions to the rule. Those groups that were and are exceptions will be included.

Classic Rock Legend Videos Rock!

That being said, I'm sure someone's favorite group will not be found here. (No! You won't find the Partridge Family) What will be found here are the groups that were most popular, stood the test of time, had the respect of the music industry and were creative in a trend setting way.

If you have suggestions for groups or artists to include on this site please contact me and just mention why you think they deserve inclusion. I'll review the group by the criteria and if they make the grade I'll put them on the site.


Respect of the Industry

I really would like to stay away from a numerical rating system but feel that a very basic one is probably a good idea. Human nature shows that people in general want to "know the score" from school to sports to reality TV.

So...the ratings are simply the criteria rated on a 1 to 5 scale with 1 being better than average and 5 being tops.

The final rating...

is determined by adding the Classic Rock Legends selected ratings for each of the criteria and dividing by 4.

Here is an example

5+4+2+2 = 13   divide by 4 to get the final rating.. 3.25

Remember that all groups and artists selected for inclusion are already classic rock legends and as such will most likely score well. Those that don't qualify for inclusion are in my mind scoring in the negative numbers.

Few groups or artists will score High in all areas but most will be winners in several or be standouts in a few. These are the ones that will make the cut.


Here are some real world attributes that further help to define the criteria for legend status.

POPULARITY - Internet searches, Chart positions, Fan base, Albums sold, Concert attendance

LONGEVITY - How long have they been together?, Successful line-up changes, Hard work and determination to become successful

RESPECT OF THE INDUSTRY - Awards, Honors, Critics reviews, Credible list positions

CREATIVITY - Quality of music and lyrics, technical ability, Trend setting, Not afraid to go in new musical directions, showmanship

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