Jim Morrison And The Doors

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The Doors emerged amid the turbulence of the late Sixties with music that was as intense and complex as the times that spawned them. The group's dark, brooding personality came largely from singer Jim Morrison.

Musically, the other members of the Doors - keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore - combined classical rigor with freewheeling, jazzy improvisations, providing Morrison a platform from which to proclaim his poetical lyrics in a throaty baritone. The band shaken by the untimely death of Morrison in Paris 1971 tried to carry on but eventually disbanded. Yet the Doors' music and Morrison's legend continued to fascinate and entertain succeeding generations of rock fans.---Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum---

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Meet the Future Doors

James (Jim) Morrison - was born in Melbourne, Florida December 8, 1943 to Clara and Steve Morrison. Jim's Father was in the Military and the family was required to move frequently when transfer orders arrived. Although he exhibited great leadership and intelligence, he also showed a tendency to challenge authority. By the time he reached the age of fifteen, Jim was writing poetry, painting, and was identified as having an I.Q. of 149. During this time he also made a habit of sneaking out of his house at night to go to sleazy bars downtown and listen to blues musicians. In 1962 Morrison attended Florida State University to major in theatre. By 1964 Morrison had tired of the theater arts department at FSU and transferred to UCLA where he became part of the film school.

Raymond (Ray) Manzarek - third generation of Polish descent in the USA was born February 12, 1939 and raised in Chicago Illinois. Manzarek began to take piano lessons as a young child, hated it at first but eventually grew to love the piano when he started to master the keyboard. Ray became hooked on "Negro Music" from the first time he heard it in a Chicago playground. From then on his taste in music changed. Influenced by jazz, blues and rock, Manzarek left Chicago at 21 to gain his freedom and to enter the UCLA Film School.

Robert (Robby) Krieger - born January 8, 1946 In Los Angeles California. Robby's early influences were rock-n-roll - Fats Domino, Elvis, The Platters. Many instruments were tried before he settled in on guitar at 17. Krieger's first band, The Psychedelic Rangers, included John Densmore on drums. He also played with a band called The Back Bay Chamberpot Terriers. Krieger became interested in Indian sitar music and met John Densmore once again in a Maharishi Meditation seminar.

John Densmore - born December 1, 1944 in Santa Monica, California. John started off at an early age on piano improvising songs and loving it. Eager to try something new he got his first drum kit in junior high school and joined the marching band. Jazz became his new passion in his late teens. John met Ray Manzarek at the same transcendental meditation group that Robby Krieger was attending. Imagine three members of the future Doors, future classic rock legends, meeting by chance at a yoga seminar.

Page 2 - The Doors Early Years

Page 3 - Troubled Times and Tragedy in Paris

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