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Take the Classic Rock Trivia Challenge. Hey...what better way to learn more about Rock-n-roll, especially Classic rock-n-roll, than to participate in a Classic Rock Trivia contest.

The quiz changes everyday so...every day is a new competition. All the games are saved and as you play each quiz your stats become available for you to see how you are doing compared to the other competitors.

I personally have always enjoyed trivia but consider myself a novice...especially with Lyrics and dates and "What song" type questions.

Almost anyone can beat me at this game.
Why not give it a shot and see!

I will try to play every day though and am looking forward to seeing you here too!

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Here are some examples of questions you may be asked.

This band started up in Liverpool, England. They were known as the Fab Four. They debuted in America on the Ed Sullivan show. What is the name of this band?

The rolling Stones
The Beatles
The Doors
Led Zeppelin

No challenge here...the Beatles for sure!!


This band was also known as That Little Ol' Band From Texas. They are only a trio but have been together for over 30 years with the original members. They started their career as a blues band but changed to rock and roll along the way. One of their hit singles was "Sharp Dressed Man" What was the name of this classic rock band?

Creedence Clearwater
ZZ Topp

A little bit tougher but do-a-ble...ZZ Topp!!

One more...

Which of the following groups was regularly Neil Young's backing band?

Angel City
The Hawks
The Band
Crazy Horse

Easy if you know the answer...more difficult if you don''s Crazy Horse!!

The Classic Rock trivia does get more difficult at times, but...a lot of the questions are about the same difficulty level as the examples you've seen here.

Follow these easy steps to get to the classic Rock Triva Challenge and begin play.

1. Go to the Classic Rock Trivia Challenge
2. Click the "create Account" link at top right of page
3. Enter email address (your privacy is assured)
4. Enter a login name (the name you will play under)
5. Enter a password and confirm the password

Well that's all there is to it. So see you at the Challenge!


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