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OK!...from the beginning.

You may be wondering - What exactly is a "discography". No! it's not a medical procedure!

It's really very simple.

The first half of the word is "disc" meaning record or recording commonly referred to as a disc.

The second half of the word "ography" meaning something written as in biography or autograph.

Let's go to the dictionary to check out the definitions of "discography".


The study and cataloging of phonograph records.
A comprehensive list of the recordings made by a particular performer or of a particular composer's work.

Here at Classic rock legends we focus on only the top charting albums and songs of your favorite classic rock artists and groups.

You'll find discographies here that include only the most popular, critically acclaimed and best selling albums of all time.

We leave the weaker titles out to save you precious time.

If you're interested in building a quality classic rock music collection fast then you'll only want the best albums and titles ever recorded, right?

And that's just what you get here at Classic Rock Legends.

Later, if you want to dig deeper into an artist's body of work you can, but until then go with the "cream" and get the top albums first.

Our discography and fact page also provides essential facts and stats that you'll want to learn about your favorite artists including:

  • Group founded (when, where)

  • Original group members

  • Line up changes

  • Current or final group members

  • Most recent albums

  • Top ten albums (discography)

  • Top 10 singles

  • Albums sold (quantity)

  • Awards (Grammys)

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  • List positions (Billboard, Rolling stone)
  • Internet searches (searches per month)

If you have a question or comment about groups or artists featured on this site, you may be able to find those answers by searching "classic Rock Legends" using Google Try it! You may just find what you need.

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