The Doors Troubled times, Tragedy in Paris

Morrison, The Lizard King

The Doors troubled times began as Jim Morrison's alcohol consumption created major problems on stage.

The Doors had their share of legal troubles during this time as well. Coinciding with their first European tour legal action was taken against them by Ray Davies of the Kinks. Davies accused The Doors of copyright infringement regarding one of his own compositions All Day And All Of the Night. During this time Morrison would become known as The Lizard King for his outlandish performances and radical lifestyle. He was very much an anti-authoritarian and that combined with his notorious alcohol and narcotics usage created problems on stage.

The Doors next few albums seemed to lack a bit of what the debut had, but still each one had a few stand out songs and hit singles.

Love me Two times and People are Strange from Strange Days, released in 1967.

Hello I Love You was a number one song from Waiting For The Sun, released in 1968. A number three song, Touch Me from the soft Parade, released in 1969.

"Love Me Two Times" from "Strange Days" released in 1967.

Events culminated that year, when Morrison was arrested on stage at Miami's Dinner Key auditorium, after being accused of indecent exposure, public intoxication and profane, lewd and lascivious conduct. The evidence was inconclusive, but the misdemeanor stuck. Morrison was reported to have said that The Miami Incident opened his eyes to his naive "schoolboy" view of the judicial system. Despite this event, which caused the Doors to cancel their live dates for months ahead, they went on to record the successful Morrison Hotel in 1970.

The Doors Discography and Fact Sheet

Tragedy In Paris

Morrison himself, however, was tiring of the music scene and was getting greater joy out of his poetry, which he had published in two volumes, The Lords and The New Creatures. In 1971 disenchanted with the fame he had received as The Doors' front man and upset by the lack of seriousness with which he was taken as a poet he went to Paris with his girlfriend Pam Courson to escape the madness for a while. On July 3rd 1971 Jim Morrison was found dead in his bathtub. Jim had recently consulted a doctor about a respitory ailment, however, no autopsy was performed. He was buried at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

Speculations abound as to the cause of Morrison's death; official documents state that it was a heart attack (possibly brought on by years of hard living catching up with him), but some think it was a drug overdose. Still other people think Morrison faked his own death in order to escape the music scene altogether.

The three surviving Doors tried to continue on without Morrison, with Manzarek on the vocals. They unfortunately disbanded after recording only two albums.

The Legend Lives On - Doors21C

In late 2002, Ray and Robby successfully attempted to revive the band. They brought in Ian Astbury (of The Cult) on vocals, Ty Dennis on drums (John Densmore has had a falling out with Ray and Robby), and Angelo Barbera on bass. The combination continues to be a success. The Doors21C completed a world tour in 2003 and currently continue to tour.

New Name! - Ray and Robby's group (formerly D21C) is now as of the 8/05/05 performance at the Atlantic City Trump Taj Mahal is now officially called Riders on the Storm.

The Doors Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - 1993

Inductees: Jim Morrison (vocals; born December 8, 1943..Melbourne FL), Ray Manzarek (guitar; born February 12, 1939..Chigago IL), Robby Krieger (guitar; born January 8, 1946..Los Angeles CA ), John Densmore (Drums; born December 1, 1944..Los Angeles CA)

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam filled in for Morrison on vocals at the Hall Of Fame ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jim Morrison and the Doors

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