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Twist And Shout was originally composed by Phil Medley and Bert Russell and recorded by the Isley Brothers for the 1962 album Twist and Shout. The Beatles covered the song in 1963 for their Please Please me album. Despite a severe cold John Lennon completed the song in one take, half screaming and half singing the lead vocal. This energetic yet raspy rendition made the recording an instant classic hit as well as a major turning point in the Beatles career.

The let it Be single was the title track from the Let it Be Album and actually reached number one in the charts the precise week that the Beatles broke up in April 1970 and... was also the final album released by the Fab four.

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Beatles Video
Twist And Shout
Beatles Video
Let it Be

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1964 Top 10 hit singles

Beatles Music Video Title Top 10 Rank/year
Can't Buy Me Love
#1 - 1964
I Feel Fine
#1 - 1964
I Want to Hold Your Hand
#1 - 1964
Love Me Do
#1 - 1964
She Loves you
#1 - 1964
A Hard Day's Night
#1 - 1964
Twist and Shout
#2 - 1964
Please Please Me
#3 - 1964
She's a Woman
#4 - 1964

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Top 10 hit singles from 1965, 1966 and 1967

Beatles Music Video Title Top 10 Rank/year
#1 - 1965
Ticket to Ride
#1 - 1965
#1 - 1965
Paperback Writer
#1 - 1966
We can Work it Out
#1 - 1966
Yellow Submarine
#2 - 1966
Day Tripper
#5 - 1966
All you Need is Love
#1 - 1967
Hello Goodbye
#1 - 1967
Penny Lane
#1 - 1967
Strawberry Fields Forever
#8 - 1967

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Top 10 hit singles from 1968, 1969 and 1970

Beatles Music Video Title Rank/year
Hey Jude
#1 - 1968
Lady Madonna
#4 - 1968
Come Together
#1 - 1969
Get Back
#1 - 1969
#3 - 1969
Ballad of John and Yoko
#8 - 1969
Let It Be
#1 - 1970
The Long and Winding road
#1 - 1970

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