Video Copyright Notice

Copyright notice

Video sharing sites allow users to embed full length video content on 3rd party websites for public viewing. However, these sites rely on users that submit video content to self warrant the content as "original" or "for use with permission" from the original content creator if applicable. That being said I can not guarantee that embedded video or links to video content is original content submitted to video sharing sites or that the submitter has acquired permissions to publish this content through these sites and as such, the content may or may not be in violation of copyright law.

If for any reason original creators of video content are of the opinion that said video content is published on this website and that it is in violation of current copyright law please email me at my "contact me" page and I will upon verification immediately cease and desist to display the content and will remove the content from this site.

Please review this Copyright Notice if you are unsure of its message.

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