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In 1980, Tattoo You was released and probably was one of the defining moments in Rolling Stones history. The songs “Start Me Up” and “Waiting on a friend” introduced The Stones to a younger audience who was hooked on Music Television. Their following albums were somewhat anti-climatic. In 1989 the band struck pay dirt again with Steel Wheels and broke attendance records across the world. Bill Wyman finally retired from the band (I did it for 31 years and there was nothing left to miss, says Bill) and was replaced with ex-Sting bassist Darryl Jones in 1994.

In the Nineties, the Rolling Stones have found a way to accommodate the solo careers of its two principals, Jagger and Richards, while leaving time for band projects. In fact, the group is seemingly more active now than it's been since the Seventies, having released studio albums (including the Stones' first Best Rock Album Grammy-winner, Voodoo Lounge) and the live No Security, and kicked off lengthy tours in 1994 (Voodoo Lounge) and 1997 (Bridges to Babylon).

The band's "40 Licks" world tour 2002-2003... started officially in Boston on September 3, 2002, continued through the USA & Canada until November 02. In January 2003, the band traveled to the Far East, on to Australia through February, then went to Europe in the Summer.

The two-disc CD package Live Licks released Nov. 2, 2004 in North America via Virgin, also included 11 songs never before released on any official Stones live title.

The Rollng Stones have been performing over 40 years now and through it all, no one has yet dethroned them of their title as the World's Greatest Rock-n-Roll Band. And more amazingly the Stones continue to perform recently embarking on their "A Bigger Bang" concert tour.

The Rolling Stones inducted into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - 1989

Inductees: Mick Jagger (vocals; born July 26, 1943), Keith Richards (guitar; born December 18, 1943), Brian Jones (guitar; born February 28, 1942), Bill Wyman (Bass; born October 24, 1936), Charlie Watts (Drums; born June 2, 1941), Ron Wood (guitar; born June 1, 1947), Mick Taylor (guitar; born January 17, 1949).

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