Brian Johnson joins ACDC
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Brian Johnson Joins the Group

Determined to continue on without Bon Scott, ACDC set out looking for a new front man. Brian Johnson was suggested as a replacement. Normally not an easy task - replacing an original group member especially one that was idolized by fans all over the world as was Bon Scott. As it turned out Brian Johnson fit in with the the band's line up perfectly and was accepted from the beginning by the group's multitude of rabid fans.

In 1980 as Johnson's rock group "Geordie" signed a new record contract ACDC asked him if he would be interested in trying out for the vacant lead vocalist position in the group. Johnson easily passed the audition and was welcomed into the group.

ACDC Discography and Fact Sheet

The Brian Johnson years began with the 1980's album release of Back in Black - the single, a tribute to the late Bon Scott and a huge hit record for ACDC. The album is an all time rock best seller and kicked off the band as a world renowned super group. Johnson's powerful yet raspy voice proved to be the perfect addition for the group's high energy, pounding rock style, as the band continued to turn out best-selling albums and perform to sold out audiences around the world. Now an ACDC veteran member, Johnson remains one of rock's most instantly recognizable voices.

Keeping On, Keeping On

ACDC kept an increasingly relaxed performance schedule through the 80's, only touring to promote each new album release. There were also some unforseen circumstances. In 1983, drummer Phil Rudd left the band to become a helicopter pilot in New Zealand and was replaced by Simon Wright who was shortly replaced by Chris Slade. Phil Rudd returned to the line-up in 1994. When Malcolm Young was unable to tour with the band in 1988 his cousin, Steve Young stepped in. Paul Greg also filled in for Cliff Williams on the US leg of their 1991 tour.

Post Back in Black hit albums are as follows.. 1981 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, 1990 - The Razor's Edge, 1995 - Ballbreaker and their first release of the 21st century, Stiff Upper Lip.

Thirty years on, the band continues to give the fans what they want. Through it all, they’ve never lost the common touch - the sense that the band and their audience were interchangeable, and that both were celebrating the joyful jolt of electricity provided by good, hard, uncompromising rock and roll.

ACDC inducted
into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.... 2003

Phil Rudd (drums; born May 19, 1946), Brian Johnson (vocals; born October 5, 1947), Bon Scott (vocals; born July 9, 1946, died February 19, 1980), Cliff Williams (bass; born December 14, 1949), Angus Young (lead guitar; born March 31, 1959), Malcolm Young (rhythm guitar; born January 6, 1953)

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